At Forecastle design our focus has always been on the human aspect of the built environment. We are dedicated to creating spaces that people feel connected to and stimulated by, spaces that enhance experiences and build value for our clients – across all sectors. 

Over 20 years we’ve cultivated a client-centric approach, where you become a partner in the design process – informed, connected and confident to contribute. And we’re always excited to discuss a new project. 

The client-centric collaborative process begins, before a pen is raised or a line is drawn, with a detailed analysis of your business, customers, work culture, people and brand.

Rather than taking a view that is architecturally framed, our first consideration is to establish how people will benefit from being in a Forecastle-created space. This is the essence of a human-focused, strategy-led interior design. We believe in designing spaces that support the growth of people and communities within industry, that connect between virtual and physical experiences.

We work with our partners to ensure these connections are seamless and can be applied across sectors – creating , retail and commercial environments  and workplaces that empower people to be the best they can be, to be inspired, supported and always ‘better off’ for the experience.

Our design/build teams look beyond boundaries, or between – work and play, fixed and mobile, human and artificial intelligence, global and local. The line is constantly moving, so we remain agile, curious to explore.

At Forecastle Design, our goal is to create environments that are beyond beautiful, that offer more than built-in business efficiencies, productivity drivers and future-proofed technology, but actually inspire those who spend their time within. That’s the human piece of the puzzle. We do this with curiosity, intelligence and Forecastle spirit!

Focus on Build and Design

Our designers specialize in branding strategy, keeping your brand’s identity and messaging in mind and interconnecting those ideas with your physical space.

Experience in a variety of fields

From Initial planning, design, build, furnishing, IT and move coordination our experienced team ensures a unique and transformative space on time and on budget

End to end – turnkey solutions 

We manage the entire project. From the initial consultation to bringing your vision to life we have the know-how and skills to take on the complete project leaving you to focus on other tasks.

Experiential marketing

We take established spaces to the next level by using state-of-the-art tools and technologies to modernize your business.

As interior designers and builders, we work in the nexus between people and places.

By finding the connections between architectural form and people’s everyday needs, we can create exceptional spaces that not only reflect brands and cultures, but can foster the growth and creativity of those who inhabit them.

Visual Identity & Communications Design

Great brands connect. It takes a thoughtfully designed strategy to develop communication programs and branded environments that define, inspire and engage consumers. Forecastle brand design practice provides a collection of specialist designers, strategists and programmers to create a seamless user experience and unified brand impression within the spaces we design and build.

Environmental & Experiential Design

When people walk through, touch and interact with your brand there is an opportunity to create a memorable impression—and true brand engagement. Our understanding of user behavior and brand strategy, combined with our deep expertise in graphic and three-dimensional design, enables our team to create transformative branded experiences and journeys that connect your story with your audience in a meaningful way to create lasting result

Digital Media Design

It connected world and your brand has to be present in digital channels to remain relevant. Our team conceives and creates memorable, engaging and functional interactive experiences that extend your brand into digital applications. Whether mobile or stationary in a space, we integrate and design active digital content and touch-points that tell your story and allow your audience to participate with your brand for a deeper level of engagement.t

Collaborate with us today to maximize your location's  potential

We design functional spaces and build transformative environments that heighten the viewer’s anticipation and desire. We focus on total turn-key solutions so that you can focus on your core business.